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Updated october 3, 2015


Do you lack inspiration, direction, or system in your learning? I guarantee to help you get on track. Any Time, Anywhere
23 Years Experience in Distance Music Education
42 Years Experience as a Professional Bass Player and Music Educator

"Your bass instruction resource, services and frankly your approach to the craft is spot on cool." Ron G, USA

"You are providing exactly the type of lesson material and feedback I was hoping for." Tim S, USA

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Hello, my name is George Urbaszek.

Bass Player George Urbaszek

This is a photo of me "hard at work".

Statement of Intent

  • My objective is to provide high quality bass guitar instruction via downloadable online lessons.

  • My own 42-year-experience and familiarity with most genres of bass guitar and double bass playing provides the foundation for my lessons.

  • I cater for complete beginners and professionals alike, with concepts ranging from groove creation to advanced jazz soloing.

  • No matter what level of experience the student may have, I endeavor to bring out the student's best in both technical and musical terms through a disciplined, systematic and fun approach to learning.

  • These lessons - especially the online bass lessons - are beneficial for players who are unable to have face-to-face lessons with a qualified teacher and provide a superb alternative.

i am dedicated to helping you become a better bass player


Do you live in a remote area?
Do you want to learn in you own time and at your own pace?
Do you want lessons in manageable portions?
Is there a problem area in your playing?
Step-by-step bass lessons you can downlaod to your computer are guaranteed to help.
Great for people who can't get to a qualified teacher!

Gain Confidence - Get More Gigs or Just Learn to Play Bass


Bass lessons are supplied by Creative Bass

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